Atheistic Satanism / What is It ? by Lilith Wood

I’m often asked what atheistic satanism is . Many have never heard of it even though it is one of the most common types of satanism . I have even been told atheistic satanism can’t exist because satanism is a religion that veneers Satan . Therefore , I’m devoting  my very first blog on this site , to identifying what atheistic satanism is and comparing it to other forms of satanism.

First , atheistic, also know as symbolic, satanism is not a religion ,it’s a philosophy . Because of the rituals and the symbolism within atheistic satanism we’re often categorized  by society as a religion but this simply is not true .
We are first and foremost atheists which means we don’t believe in any type of deity or an afterlife ,although some atheists do believe that our energy survives the physical death of the body .
The difference between an atheistic satanist and a regular atheist is we believe in the Dark Doctrine of Entropy  .
This is not a supernatural force but a natural current that runs through all things and pushes the universe and evolution along  toward it’s destiny .

I’m often asked why use the name of Satan if we don’t believe in Satan . This is easy to explain,although more than a few express difficulty understanding the concept of Satan as only an archetype  . Atheistic satanists use the name Satan as our symbol because the name Satan in Hebrew means , The accuser,the adversary .
The character of Satan has always been adverse to and accusing of the excepted norms ,showing the way out of collective brainwashing and to true self awareness and enlightenment . This is what atheistic satanists strive to do . Expose religion for the collection of mind and life controlling myths they all are . To always question and challenge everything ,to accept nothing as truth,without first giving it a complete examination. This is why we use Satan as our symbol.

Our rituals are another subject that often comes up. For the most part atheistic satanic rituals are more like a form of self help  instead of witchcraft . And many atheistic satanists don’t use rituals at all.  It is not required.

Now for a brief comparison of atheistic satanism and theistic satanism .  Theistic or religious satanism is a religion ,it is a left hand path religion . This means it is not in the same category as right hand path or white light religion,such as Wicca or Christianity. A theistic satanist has no qualms about exacting revenge upon a foe ,for example . Although they don’t go about spoiling for a fight .

Theistic satanists believe in a deity and often many deities as some mix the old Pagan gods and goddess with their satanism . They don’t usually believe in the biblical Satan but rather the Egyptian chaos god,Seth,Set,Sut etc. and the ancient Sumerian mythological character Enki .

The satanists who actually worship the biblical Satan are known as devil worshipers or inverted Christians. They are often not accepted by atheistic or theistic satanists .

The Yezidis, a sect of Devil worshippers,  actually believe in god and that  God is all-powerful, but also all-forgiving, and so accordingly feel that it is the Devil whom they must please, as he is the one who rules their lives while here on earth. They believe so strongly that God will forgive all of their sins once they have been given the last
rites, that they feel no need to concern themselves with the opinion God may hold of them  while they live. Obviously,the Yezidis are not accepted by postmodern satanists.

There is a very interesting Cult of Black Wicca ,which I think is one of  the only true forms of Wicca, known as the Kalimite Sect.They’re Wiccan Neo pagan Eclectics who also  use European Satanism and African-Anerican Voodoo and Shamanism.

Another interesting aspect of the Kalimites is they use a great deal of daily life  practice  from the Amish. Hunting and raising as much of their own food as possible. They take great care to minimize the suffering of the animals taken for food. If only every religion would incorporate this humane practice !

You can learn more about this interesting and unique path from the anti-Reverend Retson Retap’s  You Tube channel        and from the Church of Kali’s website

I have included several of their videos in the video section of this blog below.

I hope this will help clear up any questions you may have had about atheistic satanism . Feel free to comment or ask questions below. Please make your comments or questions respectful,otherwise they will be deleted as spam and/or trolling.

The FBI Report On Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Hail Satan ! Hail Thy Self

Lilith Wood


31 Responses to “Atheistic Satanism / What is It ? by Lilith Wood”

  1. Right_Way Says:

    Hey Lilith.Decided to cut the vacation short.Way too hot at the beach.105 degrees.The sand would burn through your sandals.The mountains was pretty cool though.The Drama shows were put off until July.Oh well, maybe next year,Or this fall.Well,I guess I’ll go see what all of you have been up to on the forums(Oh,My)..L.O.L. L8tr.

  2. Just a quick note…

    You mentioned, “We are first and foremost atheists which means we donโ€™t believe in any type of deity or an afterlife.”

    The first part is true (theist=belief / atheist=non-belief). Atheism only means that you do not believe in a god or deity.

    While most atheists do not believe in an afterlife, there are atheists who believe in some form of afterlife, just not that you go to heaven or hell or some other prescribed place related to a higher power. It may not even be a conscious type of afterlife (ie/ the electricity that runs the mind and body does not die with body death).

    Just wanted to clarify. Also, you did a good job of describing theistic satanism and various sects, but I think you might want to go back and clarify a little more on the atheistic satanism as a whole.

  3. vince buie Says:

    interesting. Divided we stand. I am a theistic satanist. I see Satan as a personal being and as a symbol. Also, She is female, a black goddes. But thats just me. As i like to say: freedom is mother fucker.

  4. ive always been an athiest although i thought of satan as a symbol rather than an actual being (since i dont believe in higher power, just the symolic motivations that people use) Can some 1 tell me what this means? Its confusing

  5. samuel haase Says:

    hey. thanks for the info on atheistic satanism. i have been agnostic/atheist, depending on how one defines such things, for a while, yet had a fascination with satanism. well, maybe you and i should get married now. although i have no idea whether or not you and i would be attracted to one another or if we would have any psychological chemistry. oh well. marry me anyway! what i am really trying to say is thank you.

  6. Says:

    I love your blog. To be honest I never knew there were Atheistic Satanists. I myself am an atheist. I’m also very interested in your views. How can I keep in touch with you and follow your blog?

  7. carryingthelight72 Says:

    i accidently put my email in the post above. can you please delete that comment after reading. thank you.

  8. […] recently reported on the LaVeyan Church of Satan, which identifies its system as atheistic satanism. But a question that arose from the report, in relation to the self-categorization of the LaVeyan […]

  9. Dawid Ignatowski Says:

    hi i want to ask u y did u say hail satan at the end of this article if u say u dont believe in him??? can u reply on my email pls

    • Kurt Kish Says:

      Interesting that there was (is) no reply to your question.
      What I think I am comfortable in labeling myself is a Satanist, but as a personal philosophy, not as a belief or -ism- that is connected with a being, character, deity or even an archetype (as in the Trickster or Adversary).
      So my philosophy is Satanism, but the image, deity or persona of Satan is nothing but a human construct to me.
      I wouldn’t say Hail Satan- I think it sound stupid.
      Personally, I’m bothered by the fact that many Satanists are theistic or concern themselves with a Satan of any kind.

  10. Syrion Dethvow Says:

    Ave. -!-
    I real enjoyed your article, it cleared the mist/fog in my dark path. I have been interested with satanism from teenage hood and my first contacts on satanism warned me about devil-worshipers whom you did not include, but atheism and theism satanism helped me understand the difference between believing in thyself and believing in a diety. I love me some spiritual satanism though, and thanks for the other links you have included for more knowldge.

    Hail satan!
    Hail me!
    Hail thyself!

  11. I’ve been undecided in my religion/spirituality ever since I realized how flawed Christianity was as a child. I went back and forth between many different ideas, but I found Atheistic Satanism recently. And I want to say thank you. I feel more at home with this philosophy than I have with anything else I’ve researched. Sadly, I live in the Bible Belt…. so I’m unable to really open up about myself. But I’m proud of who I am. Again, thank you. ^-^

    • Thank you Kira,
      Satanism does not require that you publicly open up as Christianity does. You can interact with other satanists online and probably you will find other satanists in your area via the internet. If you like I can give you links to some of the best online sources for interacting with other satanists.
      Have a great evening,

  12. Veronica Says:

    Hey ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just wondering about this part..

    ”For the most part atheistic satanic rituals are more like a form of self help instead of witchcraft .”

    How do these rituals look like? What do you do?

    I used to have my own rituals and I want to know whether they resemble those of atheist satanists.

  13. Kurt Kish Says:

    huuuge quastion for all ya’- I’m an atheistic, rationalist who see’s no good evidence (or reason) to accept any form of magical thinking. And I am becoming more and more vocal about my animosity and rightful kickback to not only religion (theism) BUT also magical thinking in ANY of it’s myriad forms (spiritualism, astrology, naturopathic/homoeopathic/Reiki practices, yada yada ad infinitum!). YET, I so much associate with any of the reverse powers of the prevailing GOOD GUY (as in God, Allah, G-D).
    The imagery and intoxicating supernatural all present power of an EVIL (subjective to we humans) force that is somehow everywhere but totally invisible to us at all times has dominated my dreams for my whole life.
    I love the idea of Atheistic satanism, but Howard Levey’s ridiculous lies and exaggerations of his personal claims totally embarrass the fuck outa’ me.
    I read and greatly appreciated The Satanic Bible, but reject (obviously?) the direct plea for extra small government Libertarianism.
    Does anyone have any comments about how I might include myself in the Atheistic Satanist mindset/lifestyle?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hello Kurt,
      LaVey is not the last word in Atheistic Satanism. In fact,many satanists feel the same way about LaVey as you do. Personally,I do not agree with him on everything and I do wish he would have been honest about his personal life. However,the guy was a Carny showman so probably exaggerating for the sale was second nature for him.
      I believe,that each satanist should create their own satanism based upon one’s own preferences with TSB as a guideline but not as an absolute. How else can one be their own god? If you follow LaVey or anyone else,then you become nothing more than a sheep.
      There is a very good book, titled,Post Modern Satanism by Jason King that I feel has given a much needed,modern boost to old school satanism. Also, Vexon Crabtree’s website is an excellent place to learn more about satanism.

      As for the magical aspects of satanism. I feel that magic is something we each have inside of us and it can be as simple as learning how to skillfully and subtly manipulate people into doing your will. I call it using the power of your person.
      I do not believe in magic in the traditional sense.

      • Kurt Kish Says:

        Thanks som uch for yur thoughtful and useful reply.

        I will definitely pursue Jason King’s and Vex Crabtree’s words on Satanism.


      • Kurt Kish Says:

        please excuse all of the typos- my keyboard is getting real sensitive to the wireless device

      • Kurt Kish Says:

        Just a pedantically humorous point- you’re right Levey isn’t the last word in Atheistic Satanism. He was really the first! ๐Ÿ™‚
        The first in that he popularized the term and pretty much started pushing a monstrously heavy train from a dead stop. I think many people have done a good job getting that train to speed up.

  14. Kurt Kish Says:

    Actually, after reading my question above, it appears I might even be too individualistic to be a Satanist!!!!! wow- izzat’ possible?

    What am I, A Kurtanist? ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Just a few quick replies, I do have much respect for Lavey but he had his day and times have changed. I believe we should always be moving forward and improving.

    Hail Satan simply means Hail Me or Hail Thy Self as Satan is symbolic of the self among other things. It also confuses fundies and that can be fun. : )


    The Description, Philosophies and
    Justification of Satanism

    • Lawrence Says:

      As another way goes…The Egyptian God Set was the origin of “dark” Gods. A variation of his name was Set-Hen…and many believe the name Satan evolved from Set-Hen. Set was a God reflecting “true self”…and what makes each person individual…That…to most people is “DARKNESS.” So no wonder Set/Satan are beings of darkness…because the majority are herd animals/thinkers and keep their “true selves in ‘darkness’. If the word Satan did come from Set-Hen…then it fits and melds into the same idea…the “true Self.”

  16. bart lanza Says:

    me i want to know the theory sounds convincing that satanist dont beleive iin satan or god nor after life..but i believe there really is a satan an a christ..i belive the satan i worship an demon are a spirit..are there any satanist that believe in afterlife and spirituality .and that worship satan as a spirit and god..makes no sense .then why do satanist make a pack praise an call him if they dont believe in him spitually?

    • Satanists who believe in the biblical Satan are called devil worshipers.

      In LaVayan or symbolic satanism, Satan is only an archetype,a symbol.

    • Well, you can “believe”want you want, but that belief won’t change whether something exists (outside of our minds) or not.
      Personally, I don’t “believe” anything. There are things I have confidence in and things that I accept as true (assuming that there are no real absolutes- only things that are highly probable or highly improbable).

    • “Our sect firmly and religiously believes in the scientific truth of astrophysical progression and biological evolution.”
      Sorry, but “astrophysical progression” isn’t a scientific truth.
      The only things that can be said to be scientific truths (there really are none- everything is subject to change upon new evidence) with any integrity, would be things that are firmly accepted by the worldwide scientific consensus.
      Individual scientist’s or small groups of scientists opinions cannot equal a scientific truth.

  17. I find this:
    real interesting. There are a lot iof things on that wiki page that I experience quite often.

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